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Upcoming Events

23 Feb, 2019

00:00 - 00:00

Indoor cricket (Social Sports event)

UOWD is hosting a social sports events for the students. Get involved and show your skills in this fun and friendly contest.    F... more

By Student Services

08:30 - 17:38

Field Trip to Louvre

A field trip where the students cannot only acquire inspiration but also to have fun in visiting the place. To register and to know more de... more

By Student Services

26 Feb, 2019

10:00 - 15:30

Career Fair

Meet prospective employers and discuss job openings and internship opportunities at UOWD's annual Career Fair Please note the following: Dress ... more

By Student Services

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If you are unable to access your MyUOWD account, please use the Forgot my Password link to reset it.

Please ensure that you reset your MyUOWD account password regularly because the password expires 90 days from the date of change.

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Tips for managing SOLS

Your SOLS user account is separate to your MyUOWD account. Click here to get Help with SOLS

When you receive a SOLS email advising you that your SOLS password is about to expire - you must login and change your password

To access UOWmail please click here and enter your username in the following format i.e <SOLS Username>, and for the password use it same as SOLS

To setup UOWmail on desktop mail client and/or mobile device please visit UOWmail Setup Guide