Please contact staff at the Library Circulation Desk or call at 04 3672492 for any questions that are not answered here.

How do I log in?
When you click on a time to make a booking, a login screen prompting for your username and password will appear. Enter your MYUOWD ID and password to log in.

How many bookings can I make per day?
You are allowed to make one booking a day.

How far ahead can I book?
You can make a booking for a study room up to two days ahead.

Can I delete/edit a booking?
You can delete a booking that you have made. To delete a booking: click on that booking, log in using the same username used for making the booking, and then click the link "Delete entry".
You cannot edit a booking - you will need to delete the existing booking and make a new booking.
What happens if multiple people try to book the same room at the same time?
The first person to click on the "Submit" button wins.