Undergraduate Autumn 2020 - Ebooks

Subject Code Title Author ISBN Edition Ebook Available
ACCY111 Accounting John Hoggett, Lew Edwards 9781118608227 9th Ebook Link
ACCY112 Accounting John Hoggett, Lew Edwards 9781118608227 9th Ebook Link
ACCY200 Company Accounting Ken J. Leo, Jeffrey Knapp, Susan McGowan, John Sweeting 9781118608173 10th Edition Ebook Link
ACCY201 Company Accounting Ken J. Leo, Jeffrey Knapp, Susan McGowan, John Sweeting 9781118608173 10th Edition Ebook Link
ACCY211 Horngren's cost accounting : a managerial emphasis Datar, Srikant M 9781292211541 16th Edition Ebook Link
ACCY231 Accounting Information Systems Marshall B Romney 9781292220086  14th Ed. Ebook Link
ACCY305 Financial Accounting Theory Craig Deegan 9780071013147 4th Ed. Ebook Link
ARTS035 A Little History of Philosophy Nigel Warburton 9780300187793 2012 Ebook Link
CHEM103 Chemistry The Central Science Brown T.E., et al 9780134414232  2017 Ebook Link
CIVL245 Materials in Construction: An Introduction G.D. Taylor 9780582368897 3rd Ed. Ebook Link
CIVL272 Elementary Surveying Ghilani, Charles 9781292060491 14th ed. Ebook Link
CIVL352 Structural analysis Hibbeler, R.C. 9781292089461 9th ed. Ebook Link
CIVL361 Craig's soil mechanics Knappett, J. A. 9780415561266 8th ed. Ebook Link
CIVL394 Construction Methods and Management Stephens W. Nunnally 9780135000793 8th ed. Ebook Link
CIVL462 Craig's Soil Mechanics Knappett, J. 9780415561266 8th ed. Ebook Link
COMM101 Moral Issues in Business (UOW STOCK) William H. Shaw, Vincent Barry, Theodora Issa, Bevan Catley 9780170366694 3rd Edition Ebook Link
COMM121 Basic Business Statistics (Global Edition) Mark L. Berenson 9781292069029 13th Ed. Ebook Link
CSCI192 Problem solving and program design in C Hanly, Jeri R. 9781292098814 8th ed. Ebook Link
CSCI203 Introduction to the design and analysis of algorithms Anany Levitin 9780273764113 3rd Ed. Ebook Link
CSCI235 Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation and Management  Thomas M. Connolly 9781292061184 6th ed. Ebook Link
CSCI262 Computer Security: Principles And Practice William Stallings, Lawrie Brown  9781292066172 3rd Global Ed. Ebook Link
CSCI291 Problem solving and program design in C Hanly, Jeri R. 9781292098814 8th ed. Ebook Link
CSCI336 Interactive Computer Graphics with WebGL Shreiner  9781292019345 7th Ed. Ebook Link
CSCI356 Game Development with Unity (2nd Edition) Michelle Menard and Bryan Wagstaff 9781305110540 2nd  Edition Ebook Link
CSCI361 Cryptography and Network Security William Stallings 9780273793359   Ebook Link
CSCI368 Network security essentials : applications and standards Stallings, William 9781292154855 6th ed. Ebook Link
CSIT114 Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design: An Agile, Iterative Approach Stephen D. Burd 9781111972264 6th Ed. Ebook Link
CSIT115 Database Systems, A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation, and Management Connolly T., Begg C., 9781292061184 6th  Ebook Link
CSIT121 Java How to Program (Early Objects) Paul Deitel 9781292223858 11th Ed. Ebook Link
CSIT127 Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach Jim Kurose 9781292153599 6th ed. Ebook Link
CSIT212 The essentials of computer organization and architecture Null, Linda 9781284123036 5th ed. Ebook Link
CSIT214 Information Technology Project Management Kathy Schwalbe 9781285452340 8th Ebook Link
CSIT226 Interaction Design: Beyond Human-computer Interaction  Preece, J., Rogers 9781119020752 4th ed. Ebook Link
CSIT262 Computer security : principles and practice Stallings, William 9781292220611 4th ed. Ebook Link
CSIT321 Information technology project management Schwalbe, Kathy 9781285452340 8th ed. Ebook Link
CSIT324 Electrical machines, drives, and power systems Wildi, Theodore 9781292024585 6th ed. Ebook Link
ECON100 Essentials of Economics Hubbard, G. 9781486022847 3rd e. Ebook Link
ECON216 Introduction to international economics Dominick Salvatore 9781118092323 3rd Ebook Link
ECON251 Industrialization and Challenges in Asia Jayanthakumaran Kankesu 9789811008238 1E16 Ebook Link
ECON332 Quantitative Analysis for Management Barry Render 9781292217659 13th Ed. Ebook Link
ECTE202 Fundamentals of Electric Circuits Charles K Alexander 9780078028229   6th Ed. Ebook Link
ECTE203 Digital Signal Processing First James McClellan 9781292113869 2nd Ed. Ebook Link
ECTE212 Electronic devices and circuit theory Robert L Boylestad Louis 9781292025636   Ebook Link
ECTE233 Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals M. Morris Mano 9781292096070 5th ed. Ebook Link
ECTE250 Project management : the managerial process Larson, Erik W,  Gray, Clifford F 9781259666094 7th ed. Ebook Link
ECTE333 Some Assembly Required -Assembly Language Programming with the AVR Microcontroller William Stallings 9781292154855 6th ed. Ebook Link
ECTE350 Project management : the managerial process Larson. Erik W 9781259666094 7th ed. Ebook Link
ECTE363 An Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications Simon Haykin 9780470460870   Ebook Link
ECTE423 Power system analysis and design 2012 Glover, J. Duncan; Sarma 9781305636187 6th ed. Ebook Link
ECTE432 Organization and Design D Patterson 9780124077263 5th Ed. Ebook Link
ENGG100 Essential MATLAB for engineers and scientists  Brian H. Hahn, Daniel T. Valentine 9780081008775 6th edition Ebook Link
ENGG102 Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics for ENGG102 and ENGG100 Tim McCarthy 9781488610431   Ebook Link
ENGG103 Engineering Materials 1: An Introduction to Properties, Applications and Design Ashby, Michael F 9780080966656 4th Ebook Link
ENGG104 Introductory Circuits Analysis Robert L Bovlestad 9780137146666   Ebook Link
ENGG105 Engineering Your Future: An Australasian Guide David Dowling 9780730314721 3rd Ebook Link
ENGG105 Sustainability in engineering design : an undergraduate text Johnson, Anthony 9780080993690   Ebook Link
ENGG251 Mechanics of Materials Barry J. Goodno and James M. Gere 9781337093354 9th ed. Ebook Link
FIN223 Fundamentals of Investing L. J. Gitman, M. D. Joehnk, S. Smart, R. H. Juchau, D. G. Ross, S. Wright 9781292153988 13th Global Edition Ebook Link
FIN241 International Financial Management Bekaert, Geert J 9781292021393 2nd Ebook Link
MARK205 Marketing Research Alvin C. Burns 9781292153261 8th Ebook Link
MARK217 Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being Michael R. Solomon 9781292153100   Ebook Link
MARK270 Services Marketing Wirtz, J. 9781944659011 8th Ebook Link
MARK301 Digital Marketing Excellence - Planning, Optimizing and Integrating Online Marketing Dave Chaffey 9781138191686  5th Ebook Link
MARK301 The digital marketing handbook : a step-by-step guide to creating websites that sell Bly, Robert W 9781599186214   Ebook Link
MARK333 Integrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications Kenneth E. Clow 9781292222691 8th Ed. Ebook Link
MARK344 Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning Hooley, Nicoulaud & Piercy 9781292017310 6th Ed. Ebook Link
MARK395 Marketing and Managing Tourism Destinations Alastair M Morrison 9780415672504   Ebook Link
MATH070 College Algebra Mark Dugopolski 9781292082769 6th Ed. Ebook Link
MATH283 Advanced Engineering Mathematics Erwin Kreyszig 9780470646137 10th ed. Ebook Link
MECH321 System Dynamics   Ogata, K  9781292026084 4th ed. Ebook Link
MECH326 Advanced engineering dynamics Harrison, H. R 9780340645710   Ebook Link
Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach
Cengel, Yunus A 9781260092684 9th ed. Ebook Link
MECH419 Finite Element Analysis: Theory and Application with ANSYS Moaveni, Saeed  9780273774303 4th ed. Ebook Link
MGNT102 Communication for Business and the Professions Dwyer, J. 9781486019533 6th Ebook Link
MGNT201 OB The Essentials Stephen P Robbins 9781442500464   Ebook Link
MGNT206  Human resource management Raymond J Stone 9780730302513 8th Ed. Ebook Link
MGNT207 Employment Relations Bray 9781743070130 3rd Ed Ebook Link
MGNT210 Organisational behaviour Robbins, S.P 9781488609329 8th Ed. Ebook Link
MGNT220 Reframing Organizations: Artistry Choice , and Leadership Bolman L and Deal T 9781119281825 6th Ed Ebook Link
MGNT311 Managing organizational change : a multiple perspectives approach Palmer, Ian 9780073530536 3rd ed. Ebook Link
MGNT314 Crafting & Executing Strategy The Quest for Competitive Advantage Arthur A. Thompson 9781259732782 21st Ed. Ebook Link
MGNT341 International Human Resource Management Peter Dowling 9781473719026 7th Ed. Ebook Link
OPS113 Management Information System Kenneth C. Laudon  9781292211756 15th Global Edition Ebook Link
OPS216 Operations Management  Alistair Brandon-Jones and Nigel Slack 9781292098678   Ebook Link
OPS350 Managing Quality : An Essential Guide and Resource Gateway Barrie G. Dale 9781119130925 6th ed Ebook Link
PHYS030 Essential University Physics Volume 1 Richard Wolfson 9781292102658 3rd ed. Ebook Link
PHYS143 Physics for Global Scientists and Engineers, Volume 2 Wayne Rowlands 9780170355520 2nd Ed. Ebook Link
STAT131 Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists  Walpole, Myers and Ye 9781292221229 14th ed Ebook Link