Our Client Service Charter reflects our commitment to delivering high quality service to our clients. It formalises our collaborative approach to improving and maintaining service excellence.

All clients

We will provide:

  • fair and equitable access to print and electronic Library resources
  • access to up to date information services and electronic resources that meet your needs
  • a quiet, clean, attractive environment in which to work with individual study areas and group rooms
  • 24x7 access to electronic resources to supplement opening hours
  • experienced staff to assist you
  • opportunities to participate in training sessions to find and use information
  • a prompt response to your requests
  • a confidential environment for your private details

You can help by doing the following:

  • becoming familiar with the library web site, including the library catalogue
  • returning resources in good condition and by the due time or date, and suggesting new items for the collection
  • respecting the needs of other users by keeping conversation to a minimum and turning off mobile phones
  • taking advantage of all learning opportunities and practising the skills you learn as a basis for independent life-long learning
  • planning your information needs in time to obtain the resources you need
  • adhering to the Library Code of Conduct
  • providing feedback on services and resources provided


We will provide...

  • resources available at the start of each session
  • expertise in selecting and processing resources, ensuring they are available as required
  • avenues for input into developing the collection, by encouraging requests for new material
  • assistance in finding information for your research and teaching needs
  • library workshops integrated into your academic program and tailored to your specific class

You can help by....

  • supplying up to date reading lists in time to allow the resources be made available
  • providing us with feedback
  • providing requests for purchase in good time to meet your deadlines
  • contributing ideas and suggestions

Our staff will:

  • Maintain a courteous and cooperative relationship with you
  • Wear an identification badge to encourage a personal approach
  • Identify themselves by name when answering the telephone
  • Maintain a current awareness of innovations in all areas of our service
  • Be well trained and committed
  • Treat you respectfully and fairly

Our Key Performance Indicator

Client and stakeholder satisfaction

Quality targets

We will endeavour to:

  • answer your questions promptly
  • respond to emails within 1 working day
  • avoid queues and not keep you waiting for more than 4 minutes
  • return items to the main shelves within 10 working hours
  • have new items ready for borrowing within 4 working days
  • have new serial issues on the shelf within 2 working days
  • respond to urgent requests within 1 working day of receipt
  • ensure 95% of workstations are operational at all times
  • ensure that 100% of required & recommended text in subject outlines are available unless out of print

We welcome your feedback

Please give us your feedback to help us to serve you better.